Excerpt from The Sober World 8-1-2018

When enough really crappy things occur in your life, and you somehow survive them, people start to tell you that you should write a book. You think they are joking but then, after a while, you’re not so sure. More than once, I looked around at the things that were happening and thought, “No one would believe this; I really need to write a book!” Of course, it’s just one of those things we say to ourselves to relieve the tension until a real, authentic agent with experience and credentials and who is far smarter than the great majority of people you’ve ever met in your life says it too.

He had seen an article in the New York Times about my daughter and the work I was doing with the non-profit I founded in 2012, Magnolia New Beginnings. Now, you’d think that being in the NY Times would somehow make me worthy of a book, but in fact, my story is so very similar to the stories I hear and read about on Magnolia’s Facebook support pages, that in my world I am very ordinary.

It is the ordinariness of my story that makes it worth telling.

When it was first suggested that I share my story, my initial reaction was a resounding, “Hell NO!” I am the worker bee in the background, the connector of people that like the spotlight. I prefer to quietly get things done. Exposing myself and the horrors that
I had experienced with my daughter’s ongoing substance use disorder and how it had changed my life and my family was about as appealing as walking down 5th Avenue, naked, twirling a baton and playing the cymbals with my knees. Something no one needed to see or hear and I had no desire to do.

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