Our Mission

To host drug-and-alcohol-free music festivals that inspire, empower, and provide grassroots funding to U.S. cities battling the national addiction epidemic. Our multi-stage festivals offer individuals and communities a safe, sober music festival experience as well as connection, education, and access to desperately needed resources.

Anita Devlin, Barbara Lodge and Kristen Haseotes

Our Vision

Above The Noise Foundation has been created in direct response to the addiction crisis. Stigma, judgment, and isolation keep families and communities silent, and the disease and its treatment have been gravely misunderstood.

Today the addiction and recovery world is in the midst of a profound transformation. New facts and vital information are coming to light that recognize human connection, communication, and cooperation as invaluable instruments to recovery.

Through the universal language of music, Above the Noise will unite communities, heal families, and shift America’s response to addiction from one of rejection to one of inclusion. Participating musicians will be supportive, open, and eager to share our message.

By creating these music centric events, Above the Noise Foundation will bring unity and compassion into the world of addiction recovery. We envision our organization becoming a nationally recognized sober music festival.


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