Above the Noise Foundation Enter-to-Play Contest

Have a band and want to play at a festival? Enter our contest for a time slot on the B stage at one of our Sober Music Festivals.

It’s simple. Any band can enter our contest as long as they meet and meet the criteria below. You must have a video uploaded to YouTube, which you will share in your voting profile. Fans can click to vote for their favorite band that they’d like to see play at the Above the Noise Event. The band with the most votes wins!

Don’t forget to share on social media. The more likes the better!

*Full terms and conditions
Indie band enter to play contest

The Ground Rules

Voting Begins

August 18, 2018 @ 12:00am

*All times are US eastern time

The Basics

  • This Must be your band. You are submitting on your bands behalf. Not a band you would like to see.

  • Bands must upload original content of a song performance to YouTube

  • Fill out the form below by clicking ‘Submit Entry’

  • You must have permission to share your content on our webpage

  • Submit a personal story of why you would like to play at one of our festivals. Many bands have a story, whether it is a personal member, or someone you know who has struggled with substance use disorder. We ask you to share yours with us, and why this subject hits home for you.

Video Upload Formats

All videos must be uploaded to youtube. We ask they the videos are in one of three formats described below. Please provide the full YouTube URL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=’your-video code’ NOT https://youtu.be/’your-video-code’)

*Please refrain from using graphic images. Consider the range in age of our audience. We respect all views, opinions, and stories. We just ask that visuals be appropriate for all age groups.

Live Video Performance

Live Performance or Music Video

Upload one live performance of your band. Whether it is on stage, or in front of your camera at home. If you have a created music video, feel free to upload one.

Album Cover or Artwork

Album Cover or Image Gallery

Upload a static band, or album image. This can also be a slideshow, but we ask you refrain from graphic images and the images are personal and from your band.

Lyrics Video

Lyrics- Black or Image background

Your uploaded audio could be covered with the lyrics to your song with either a black or image background. Again, we ask you to refrain from graphic images.

This year’s winner is B-RAiN 

Congratulations to you and thank you all for participating!