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I would like to play at your festival because addiction has touched my life in many ways.

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Live My Life (Official Music Video)

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A song I wrote for a man in prison who lost his life long best friend to an overdose. It’s about losing someone to addiction and carrying survivors guilt.

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Justin Hayes, who goes by the stage name J Remedy, was born and raised in Worcester Massachusetts where his love for hip hop started at a young age. His older brother J.K. Haze was an Read More

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My names Lexy Sacco. I’m 23 years old and currently living in Los Angeles. I grew up on a farm in Virginia and started using at a pretty young age.

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We are a rock band out of Miami. All of our lyrics are positive, uplifting and are meant to inspire hope and change.

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Boston based Artist, Advocate…Survivor.

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Many Of Us Struggle With Depression, But Have We Ever Really Taken The Time To Have A Conversation With it?

894 Votes

The Cincinnati Kid Everytime I C U

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Music helped him change his life—and keeps him on his path. “Music is my therapy. I owe a great deal of my new life to my music,” [Jam Alker] says.

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Troy Ray – “Back For More” (Kris Sobanski ft. Troy Ray)

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Christian Folk-Soul. Morgan Minsk is India Arie meets Joseph.

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Sober hip hop artist from DC. I play piano. I rap. Sometimes I do both at the same time.

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The Boston Herald says of Matt York’s album Boston, Texas that ”the singer-songwriter uses basic building blocks — Buddy Holly’s chords, Hank Williams’ swagger, Steve Earle’s boozy wisdom, Paul Westerberg’s straight-up-drunk wisdom — to construct Read More

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Addiction has been a part of my life since a child from watching family struggle to later on becoming an addict myself.


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A song about life, adversity, and hope. Everyone can relate to feeling down, at times. But in the end it’s about how you deal with that sadness, loneliness, or pain. Whether you let it keep Read More

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A song inspired by two women I was in treatment with, who were beat by the disease of addiction post-rehab. These women were very different from each other, and different from me, but I Am Read More

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“My life was preserved one more day because I wrote a song.” Sonny has been a member of the recovery community for over 16 years. He is an Author, Poet and Song Writer and he Read More

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Solar Disco Force (or SDF for short) is a future-funk fighting force comprised of 4 aliens from distant worlds who use our electrofunkadelic jams to wage battle against the lizards from planet Top40. The Lizards Read More

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Dinosoul is an American dark pop, indie rock band formed by partners Donny Donovan (vocals, guitar) and Carolyn Hilliard (vocals, keyboard) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in April 2016. Glenn Durham joined on drums soon after and Read More

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Lovejet is an eclectic DC-based band that combines soul, rock, and international rhythms to create an authentic groovy sound. Come fly away with us.


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HARD LUXURY is a dynamic rock band with a unique, yet familiar sound.

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