Rozlyn Carvin

Recently, Rozlyn Carvin and Joe Carvin were honored at SPRYE’s 6th Annual Benefit.

An article in the Rye Record explains, “Not only did they receive State proclamations from Assemblyman Steve Otis and State Senator George Latimer, but SPRYE President Barbara Brunner described the Carvins’ special gift: “Your big and joyful smiles are beacons which shine through all your wonderful work and generosity to all.””

Furthermore the srticle states “Roz and Joe, in addition to serving on a number of local nonprofits, co-founded One World, an organization dedicated to creating 21st-century leaders through character education and improving human understanding.”

Rozlyn is one of Above the Noise Foundation’s advisory board members and contributes strong support as an advocate in her ‘One World’ organization.