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ATN Advisory Board Member Ryan Hampton Tells His Story in ‘American Fix’

Nearly every American knows someone who has been affected by the opioid epidemic, or has been directly affected themselves. Addiction is a trans-partisan issue that impacts individuals from every walk of life, and it is being fueled by a powerful pharmaceutical industry with a direct financial interest in encouraging the abuse of prescription painkillers. Millions of Americans, tired of watching their loved ones die while politicians ignore this issue, offering platitudes instead of plans, are asking themselves: Where is the solution? Where is the hope? Where’s the outrage?

Enter Ryan Hampton, a young man who has made addiction and recovery reform his life’s mission. Through the wildly successful non-profit organization Facing Addiction, Hampton has been rocketed to the center of America’s rising recovery movement — quickly emerging as the de facto thought leader of the national conversation on addiction. As a person in recovery from heroin addiction himself, he understands firsthand how easy it is to develop a dependency on opioids, and how destructive that dependency can quickly become. Now, he is waging a permanent campaign to change our way of thinking about and addressing addiction in this country. In AMERICAN FIX, Hampton discusses his own struggle with addiction, outlines the challenges that the recovery movement currently faces, and offers a concrete plan of action towards making America’s addiction crisis a thing of the past.

RYAN HAMPTON serves as an outreach lead and recovery advocate for Facing Addiction, a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to ending the addiction crisis in America. He has worked with multiple non-profits across the country and served in a staff capacity for various political campaigns. In 2016, HAMPTON publicly disclosed his decade-old struggle with heroin and prescription medications, and his journey in recovery, in an effort to advocate for reform on a national public policy level.

In AMERICAN FIX: Inside the Opioid Addiction Crisis – and How to End It (All Points Books / On sale: 8/28/18), Ryan Hampton tells his story of addiction and recovery, provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the national opioid crisis, and offers an agenda for how to address it.

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