­Maureen Cavanagh

­Maureen Cavanagh

­Maureen Cavanagh is the Executive Director of The Above the Noise Foundation. She is also the Founder and President of Magnolia New Beginnings, Inc.  She holds a M.P.A. in nonprofit management from Suffolk University, an M.Ed Special Education/ESOL, is a CCAR trained recovery coach, and is currently pursuing her CADC 1 at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

She is currently on various Massachusetts task forces and on the parent advocacy committee for Facing Addiction and subcommittee to end the stigma through changing the language around substance use disorder. She is also the primary contact for sober living scholarships given through Magnolia New Beginnings.

Maureen founded Magnolia New Beginnings in 2012 hoping to give opportunities to those struggling to reach their full potential. Within a short time of incorporating, Maureen discovered that her daughter had a substance use disorder. Having come from a family of those with the disease, Maureen tried to take action but found it extremely difficult to find help and negotiate the healthcare system surrounding substance abuse treatment, or the lack thereof. The lag time acquiring knowledge contributed to the quick progression of her daughter’s disease which had escalated by 2014 into full scale heroin addiction, homelessness, and multiple overdoses.

Maureen has focused the efforts of Magnolia New Beginnings on helping to offer support and knowledge to as many people as possible along with advocating for changes in the healthcare system, legislation, and the current perception of substance use disorder in general.

Maureen is originally from New York, but currently resides in Massachusetts. Maureen has four children.